Hydro Trike: Success through simplicity
Farmers in various countries have selected the Hydro Trike as the best self-propelled liquid manure (slurry) processor. That doesn't surprise us. Every day, we aim to achieve excellent quality and supply high-tech, innovative machines which are easy to operate and maintain.
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Hydro Trike

Hydro Trike - US

Equipped with an 18-tonne high-quality spreader, the Hydro Trike US is a capacity spreader which is unparalleled in the market. Its speed and stability are widely acclaimed.

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Hydro Trike - Vinasse

High operating speeds and all nutrients in the right place: that's possible with the Hydro Trike Vinasse. No other machine can match the efficiency of processing by-products which is provided by the Hydro Trike Vinasse!

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Hydro Trike – Umbilical

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the Hydro Trike – Umbilical. The 6 m3 buffer tank and swivelling arm take care of the entire sweep hose process.

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Built in accordance with the highest quality standards

At Vervaet, we believe in the added value of quality and the power of simplicity. Why? Because our products originate in our contracting firm and we listen to the feedback and requirements of our customers. Together with our innovative character – we invest almost 10% of our turnover in research and development (R&D) – we develop the best-performing and most profitable machines on the market for you.

Light; for those who love their 'Vervaet'
Bright, brighter
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What every good driver deserves
An optimal and comfortable working environment

A professional self-propelled manure processor is nothing without a professional driver who can work comfortably for hours on end, if need be, without becoming too tired. That’s why all Vervaet self-propelled machines, including the Hydro Trike, are furnished with the most modern, luxurious and spacious cabs with a large area of glass. The controls for the entire machine are within easy reach: the gear lever and the terminal are located in the adjustable armrest.

Touch screen
Multifunctional touch screen for setting all functions and for machine diagnosing.
GPS System
GPS system of your choice
Radio/CD with Bluetooth
Extensively adjustable comfort chair
Small or large
3-part adjustable steering column
Simplicity combined
Gear lever and all functions within easy reach
Almost 40,000 hours of experience

'This Hydro Trike XL is our fourth Vervaet machine. We never have any doubts when purchasing a self-propelled machine. Because of its simplicity, the Hydro Trike is indestructible and easy to operate. Combined with Vervaet's service, we are and remain convinced.'

Jan en Tom van Alphen
Owners of Van Alphen contracting firm and biogas plant (NL)

Engine and drive
Manoeuvrable, strong and clever
High-tech as well as simple

Reliability is what counts when a lot of work must be done in a short amount of time. This applies in particular to manure application. That's why Vervaet opts for reliable quality components and parts, such as DAF PACCAR diesel engines. In the Hydro Trike, this is a 530 hp six-cylinder diesel engine which delivers its maximum capacity and torque at less than 1,400 t/min. Often, 1,250 t/min are enough to be able to get the job done.

Vervaet is also committed to quality in terms of hydraulics, offering two adjustable Sauer-Danfoss pumps for the hydraulic drive. The rear axle drive is a combination of a large hydraulic engine with a mechanical cardan shaft for optimal traction. The manure pump is hydraulically driven, making it precisely adjustable.


For optimum weight distribution, the engine is installed underneath the cab, to the left. It is easily accessible for maintenance by means of a large door, which is useful for cleaning and replacing filters.

Self-cleaning radiator

The radiator is located to the right of the vehicle, far away from the combustion engine. The reversing ventilator automatically cleans the radiator, leaving you with nothing to do. An easy, life-extending solution.

Hydraulic pump group

The hydraulic pump group is located on the left side of the Hydro Trike. In addition to the Sauer-Danfoss pumps used for the hydraulic drive, an adjustable pump operates the manure pump, a fourth adjustable pump operates the cutting device, and all other functions are performed by a large load-sensing pump.

Hydro Trike 5x5
Power and Traction over 4,5 meters

The Hydro Trike 5x5 comes into its own when working on hilly and undulating terrain, further extending the machine’s capabilities. With the 5x5 fertilizer application is now possible on hillsides, where all-wheel drive is the all-important solution, according to customers.

Drive to the mid-wheels is provided by a self-contained system with a 175-litre-per-minute hydraulic pump capable of providing an impressive 130hp. A new three-point suspension system replaces leaf springs with repositioned shock absorbers at the front of the axle. An inclination sensor, which detects whether the machine is on a side-hill, allows the system to automatically lock the suspension on the far side.

Smart Farming
The right nutrients in the right place

An example of the innovative strength of Vervaet and its partners is Vervaet's 2016 world exclusive – a fertilising machine which dispenses the right nutrients in precisely the right location. Fertilising in cubic metres per hectare has been replaced by kilograms of nitrogen or phosphate per hectare, in a location-specific manner. This is possible thanks to the near-infrared (NIR) sensor which varies manure delivery based on the composition of the slurry. Fully automated – you don't have to do a thing!

And via the Vervaet Smartbox, you can connect virtually any GPS system to the Hydro Trike's Isobus compatible section switch for ultimate flexibility. This prevents overlap and helps your customers remain inside the spreading area.

Loading systems
No unnecessary waiting with Vervaet
Many variations

Filling the tank of the Hydro Trike may be a necessary evil, but our designers have done everything they could to make that process as quick and efficient as possible. The standard suction arm has a diameter of 8" and extracts manure from a manure container just as easily as from a deep manure cellar. Optionally, this suction arm can be 10" in diameter.

Suction arm – UK
This vertical, hydraulically rotatable suction arm offers an optimal view of the work and is used mainly for loading from semi-trailers or tanks.
Suction arm – DE
This simple but effective suction arm is widely acclaimed for its ease of use. The suction arm can already be put into suctioning position while driving to the tank or semi-trailer.
Suction arm – Andock
This suction arm is the standard suction arm equipped with an Andock coupling to allow extraction from a tank or semi-trailer. Optionally, the standard suction arm can be combined with Andock capability.
6th Connection at the Front
The machines are equipped with a left-hand and right-hand 6" connection for extracting manure through a connecting hose. These connections can also be used for the (optional) manure pumping system.
Manure system
Proven and reliable

For a fertilising machine, nothing is as important as manure transport. A continuous cycle of extracting, cutting, pressing, pumping and applying – often 24 hours a day. At Vervaet, you can rely on a tried and tested, reliable manure system that has its roots back in 1990. This includes the cyclone cutting mechanism developed in collaboration with contract workers and which offers capacity, simplicity and ease of use.

Because the cyclone cutting mechanism is located behind the manure pump, there is minimal resistance on the suction side of the manure pump. The manure pump continues operating during manure spreading, switching to circulation on the headland, with the fertilising unit raised. During circulation, the cutting device is continually cleaned to prevent blockages. As a result of circulation, manure reaches the crops and soil on time when the fertilising unit is lowered.

Discover the market leader
Specialised maintenance professionals are ready to help you!

When you invest in the Hydro Trike, you not only receive its performance. You will also receive a team focusing on keeping your fertilising machine running. Professionally trained engineers know every detail of your machine and can quickly address any problem. Because of the machine's standard diagnostics system, 95% of the problems can be solved by telephone. This saves both you and us a lot of time and money.

Hydro Trike & Hydro Trike XL
Hydro Trike - 16,000 litres
DAF Paccar MX 390 (530 hp)
Manure pump
Börger EL1550 (9,000 l/min)
Manure tank capacity
16,000 litres
Speed of transport / in the field
40 km/h / 20 km/h
Tyres: front/rear (middle)
1000-50x25 / 1050-50x32
Fuel tank
850 litres
Lifting mechanism
3-point, category 3 std.
Hydro Trike XL - 20,000 litres
DAF Paccar MX 390 (530 hp)
Manure pump
Börger EL1550 (9,000 l/min)
Manure tank capacity
20,000 litres
Speed of transport / in the field
40 km/h / 20 km/h
Tyres: front/rear (middle)
1000-50x25 / 1050-50x32
Fuel tank
850 litres
Lifting mechanism
3-point, category 3 std.
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