Vervaet Beet Eater
Looking for a self-propelled beet harvester which is innovative yet reliable and simple, has an enormous cleaning capacity, and is able to cleanly harvest sugar beet, chicory, fodder beet and celeriac with an even ground pressure? Then the Vervaet Beet Eater Evo is just what you need for an optimum and on-time beet harvest and, because of its high resale value, it's also a cost-effective investment.
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Beet Eater EVO

Maximum capacity

The Beet Eater's large 25-tonne bunker has the capacity to harvest a crop without unloading on-the-go, even in large fields. The bunker's position in the middle of the vehicle provides an optimum distribution of the weight over the six wheels. Because of its clever cleaning, the Beet Eater can ride at great speeds.

Excellent cleaning

Ask current users and they’ll confirm that the Vervaet Beet Eater is the only self- propelled bunker harvester which doesn’t become full, even in the wettest and most difficult of circumstances. This is the result of the clever cleaning capabilities with up to eight turbines in different versions, an axial set and hydraulically adjustable racks. Maximum product and minimum tare.

Even ground pressure

The Beet Eater stands out because of its high capacity and its even ground pressure, which is often lower than that of smaller harvesters. This is the result of the 900 mm wide tyres and the clever arrangement of its six wheels, which also give the harvester its good stability. An integrated variable tyre pressure system is available on request.

The power of simplicity

If you invest in a Vervaet beet harvester, you invest in quality – a quality which is expressed in the components and parts used as well as the final product. With the experience we have gained since 1974, you can be sure that we know all the strengths and weaknesses of our products and that we are continuously improving them. You'll also find that our machines are not unnecessarily complex and won't require a great deal of maintenance. Our machines are well thought out and cleverly designed so you can continuously harvest throughout the season, problem-free and without major maintenance. And if there is a problem, we can solve it remotely in 95% of the cases.


Vervaet has toppers to fit all your needs as well as those of your customers. You have a choice from three types, for a wide range of applications. The integral topper (IS) shreds the beet tops (leaves) and disposes of them between the rows. The flexible combi topper (CS) can deposit the beet tops either between the rows or spread them to the side, so that you can adjust disposal to the quantity of tops (and weeds) in the field.

Don't want to use scalpers/toppers and instead prefer to leave the top of the beet fully intact? Then the combi topper with double rotor (CDR) is the most logical choice. This topper has two independently driven flail shafts, with steel flails followed by rubber flails. The latter carefully clean the head of the beet.

IS Topper

The Beet Eater 625 is equipped with the IS (Integral Scalper) topper as standard. Simplicity and lightness are foremost. Special, integrated flails pulverise the leaves, which are then deposited between the rows by means of special "V" shapes in the leaf container. Any adjustable scalpers are fitted behind the defoliator. However, these can only be combined with the Beet Eater 625.

CS Topper

Vervaet’s CS (Combi Scalper) topper is the most popular means of defoliation. It works under all conditions. Depending on the circumstances of the field and the foliage on the beet, one can opt for complete defoliation or leaf spreading. These capabilities are available for machines covering six or nine rows.

CDR Topper

The CDR (Combi Double Rotor) topper is a combined topper with two independently driven flail shafts. The second flail shaft replaces the traditional scalpers. This topper was developed in accordance with the latest trend of defoliating and scalping. Unique to the Vervaet CDR cleaner/topper is the possibility of either integral defoliation or defoliation with leaf spreading. This topper can only be combined with a six-row machine.

What every good driver deserves

A professional harvesting machine is nothing without a professional driver who can work comfortably for hours on end, if need be, without becoming too tired. That’s why all Vervaet self-propelled machines, including the Beet Eater EVO, are furnished with the most modern, luxurious and spacious cabs with a large area of glass. The optimum position of the cab means that the driver has an exceptional view of the topping and lifting work. The controls for the entire machine are within easy reach: the gear lever and the terminal are located in the adjustable armrest.

More than 30 years and 10,000 hectares of experience!

When it comes to harvesting beet and chicory, the Bartels Group in Moerstraten (in the North Brabant region of the Netherlands) has been loyal to Vervaet since 1986. Why? Because service makes the difference! That’s what Vervaet driver Peter Pellis says and, after 40 years in the job and 10,000 harvested hectares since 1986, he knows what he’s talking about:

'We've been harvesting sugar beet at Bartels since 1982. Back then, we used a two-row Stoll harvester. We acquired a used six-row machine as long ago as 1986 – a Vervaet Heyens that lifted 80 ha. That was also my introduction to the Vervaet family and their reliable equipment and service.

Despite the fact that Vervaet’s prices were sometimes higher than the competition, we always went for the excellent service, high resale value and the outstanding quality. Quality costs money.

We started, and continued, driving Vervaet machines because of the good service and the willingness to deal with any problems. Our customers chose and continue to choose us because of how well we lift chicory and sugar beet.'

Peter Pellis

Chassis, engine and drive
Manoeuvrable, strong and clever

Obtain a high capacity, yet able to make tight turns. This is possible thanks to the 8-degree steering wheel movement and a turntable to which the rear wheels are attached. This results in an internal turning radius of 8.5 m. All wheels are controlled by the automatic steering controls.

Hydraulic levelling

Just like the smaller Q series (optional), the Beet Eater can be equipped with fully automatic hydraulic levelling. This unique technology keeps the superstructure of the harvester level as circumstances demand. The levelling provides extra stability and the pressure on the ground is spread more evenly.

Engine – Drive

The Beet Eater EVO has a more powerful and economical engine than its predecessor. The 653 hp Mercedes MTU Phase IV six-cylinder engine delivers an extra high torque at low rpm levels so that lifting can be done at a lower rpm. The fuel saving in comparison with its predecessor can amount to as much as 3% depending on the circumstances.

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Beet Eater 925
The next step in terms of capacity
The next step in capacity...

The next step up in capacity is the nine-row Beet Eater 925. This machine is identical to the Beet Eater 625 except for the nine-row lifting unit and the telescopic front axle. To guarantee optimal harvesting in the connecting rows, the lifting unit is equipped with depth control for every three rows. The space created behind the lifting unit is used to extend the two front wheels, to at least 4.5 m, for better support and a more even ground pressure. An extra advantage of the telescopic front axle is the ability to continue with the harvest in even the most difficult of circumstances.

Lifting units

The most logical lifting unit is the unit with independently rotating lifting blades, which are also called Polder blades. Since 1974, this lifting unit has proven itself time and again in all conceivable situations. Depending on the machine, lifting wheels are also an option.


At Vervaet, cleaning starts immediately after the lifting unit. Various cleaning options are available. The rpm of the turbines can be controlled from the cab either as a whole or individually.


The bunker of the Beet Eater 625 and 925 has a capacity of 25 tonnes (about 40 m3) of product. In order to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible, the 1.7 m wide unloading trap is located behind the front wheels. A full bunker can be completely emptied in less than 50 seconds at an unloading depth between 2.5 and 4.0 m.


Accessibility of the components was one of the starting points for construction of the machine. This can be seen in the accessibility of the fuel and AdBlue tanks, the engine compartment and the air filter. The oil level is measured electronically.

Even tracks for the entire swathe

This principle is certainly unique for the nine-row harvester, in particular because, here, the tyres make just one track. Combined with the excellent weight distribution, it's a monster with huge capacity that nonetheless takes account of the soil structure.

Functional and user-friendly

With the multifunctional 26.5 cm touch screen, the driver has all the required information on a single, conveniently arranged full-colour screen.

All rpm of the entire machine
Harvested area
Engine rpm
Hours worked
Engine temperature
Fuel consumption per hour and hectare
Fuel level
Cruise control speed
Hydraulic pressures of all pumps
Harvesting capacity (ha/hour)
Levelling position
Depth control speed
Bunker load (acoustical and optical)
Depth control auto/manual
Rear wheel position

Moreover, all necessary settings can be easily changed in the menu.

Adjustable scalpers
Hydraulic harvesting width setting
45-50 cm
Depth control of wheels
Axial roll set instead of 8th cleaning turbine
Harvesting wheels
Extra cameras
Adjustable spring racks
LED lighting
Discover the market leader
Quality has a name
Vervaet Service and Maintenance Team: “We're ready to help you’’

The entire Vervaet Beet Eater has been built in view of the highest possible quality with minimum required maintenance.

The direct Vervaet Service Team of professional factory engineers and rapid delivery of parts offers you, as a customer, the security that the Vervaet Package is the most trustworthy and reliable machine combination.

Beet Eater 625 & 925
Beet Eater 625
Mercedes MTU 480KW/643PK (StageV)
Bunker capacity
25 tonnes
Speed of transport
38 km/h
Speed in the field
15 km/h
Tyres: front
800/70 R38
Tyres: rear
800/65 R32
Fuel tank capacity
1100 liter
Turning radius
Unloading time
50 seconden
Unloading height
240 – 450 cm
Beet Eater 925
Mercedes MTU 480KW/643PK (StageV)
Bunker capacity
25 tonnes
Speed of transport
Speed in the field
Tyres: front
800/70 R38
Tyres: rear
800/65 R32
Fuel tank capacity
1100 liter
Turning radius
Unloading time
50 seconden
Unloading height
240 – 450 cm
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