Beet harvesting

Whether you are looking for an agile, light and modular harvester that continues where other harvesters have to stop, or a reliable, innovative and yet simple self-propelled beet harvester with a huge cleaning capacity, at Vervaet you will always find a beet harvester that suits your needs and that of your customers. The Q-616 , Q-621 , Beet Eater Evo 625 and Beet Eater Evo 925 are all reliable harvesters with a large capacity and a high residual value.


Our Beet harvesters:

Beet Eater EVO

Looking for a self-propelled beet harvester which is innovative yet reliable and simple, has an enormous cleaning capacity, and is able to cleanly harvest sugar beet, chicory, fodder beet and celeriac with an even ground pressure? Then the Vervaet Beet Eater Evo is just what you need for an optimum and on-time beet harvest and, because of its high resale value, it's also a cost-effective investment.

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Vervaet Q-series

Producing top quality is what Vervaet is known for. Nowhere is this demonstrated more clearly than in the Vervaet beet harvesters. These machines are the result of over 40 years of experience and significant investments in research and development.

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